Gametrailers Post Their Theories And Wishes For Zelda Wii U

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The team at Gametrailers have got together to discuss exactly what they would like to see in the next Zelda game which is scheduled to be released on the Wii U. Some of the suggestions seem quite plausible, while some of them are less so. We should get our first glimpse of the game during E3 next month. Here’s their requests.

  • Needs to push the Wii U’s hardware
  • Full customization of Link (including looks and gender)
  • Look back at what they did right with ALBW and expand on it (example: Dungeons in any order, but don’t mark them on the map.)
  • Do NOT become Dark Souls, but offer a free-roaming world, like the original.
  • Do not hold hand, embrace the exploration.
  • Hide items in the overworld, not only in shops or dungeons.
  • More side-quests that can help with the main quest
  • Optional dungeons.
  • Erase the timeline, do not chain the story to…

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