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There Appears To Be A Glitch On Miiverse Which Allows Anyone To Post Any Image They Want

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Miiverse moderators must be working overtime today as it has emerged that there’s currently a glitch in the Mario and Luigi Miiverse forum that allows a user to post any picture. Obviously some have taken this opportunity to post adult orientated images with their posts. No doubt Nintendo is working hard to fix this glitch.

Posted via miiverse:

“This only works without the update for the game. You open another game or application that can be suspended, then you launch Dream Team. Rapidly press the HOME button repeatedly so that you will return to the HOME Menu the second that the 3DS logo is gone. Then rapidly press the HOME button repeatedly again to go back to the game for a second and return to the HOME Menu. —wait—

This will cause the game to display an image from your previous software (in this case the camera app), or just…

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Digital Foundry: Bayonetta 2 Runs At 720p But Struggles To Maintain 60fps, Xbox 360 Original Is Smoother

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Respected technology analysis site Digital Foundry has been given the chance to get hands on with the highly anticipated Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U. The publication says that the game is running at 720p but is struggling to adhere to the 60fps set by the developer. The publication even goes as far to say that the original game on the Xbox 360 is smoother than Bayonetta 2.

“The bulk of the game’s technical improvements stem from those outrageous set-piece moments. While much of Bayonetta 2’s underpinnings are shared with the original – right down to its native 720p presentation, lacklustre texture filtering and no anti-aliasing – the engine manages to deliver sequences more complex than anything the original had to offer. However, this decision backfires a little in some respects. At its heart this is a game that owes the roots of its design to classic fast-paced PS2-era 60Hz action…

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New Featurette Shows Off First-ever Footage of Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’

Jon Negroni

It was a long time coming, but we finally have some great footage of Inside Out to gawk out at.

The footage comes courtesy of the Disney Movies Anywhere app, which means I can’t share the full thing here. But thanks to ScreenCrush, you can view some gifs of the film below.

If you want to see it for yourself, download the app and check out the latest Monsters University fact video. The featurette comes at the end.

And you’ll catch a glimpse of what my face looked like when I watched it:

pixar inside out footage

The girl you see there is the latest version of the film’s main character (and location, technically): Riley. She’s an 11-year-old girl whose family has just moved from Minnesota to San Francisco. Her adjustment to this big change marks the focal point of the film’s story.

One cool thing I love about the animation here is how…

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Miyamoto Will Unveil Pikmin Movie At Tokyo Festival

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Variety is reporting that legendary video game developer Shigeru Miyamoto will be unveiling a Pikmin Movie at the Tokyo Festival. The publication says that the the film is a compilation of three shorts:

“The Night Juicer,” in which Captain Olimar makes his favorite juice; “Treasures in a Bottle,” in which Pikmin meet a strange treasure; and “Occupational Hazards,” an adventure at a construction site.

The project which is spearheaded by Mr Miyamoto is part of a research project for the Kyoto based company. The Tokyo International Film Festival begins on October 25th -31st.

Thanks, Tuculo

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Miyamoto Says Blockuster Video Games These Days Aren’t Innovative And Unique Enough

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Revered video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto previously called out developers during a recent shareholders meeting in July. Miyamoto said his impressions of E3 were that the video game developers are beginning to become obsessed with creating violent shooters which sport ultra realistic visuals.

“This year, the majority of what the other developers exhibited was bloody shooter software that was mainly set in violent surroundings or, in a different sense, realistic and cool worlds,” Miyamoto said at the time. “Because so many software developers are competing in that category, it seemed like most of the titles at the show were of that kind.”

Miyamoto was recently quizzed by EDGE magazine to follow-up on his opinionated comment. He told the publication that the video game industry needs to create more risky and unique titles, but it still has a long way to go. Here’s what he had to say.

“Oh, I’ve made quite the…

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Aonuma Wants Zelda Wii U To Feature Outstanding Cut Scenes

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Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has revealed that he wants Zelda Wii U to feature outstanding cut scenes like those found in Hyrule Warriors. Aonuma said this because he’s been hearing lots of praise for the cut scenes featured in the soon to be released Hyrule Warriors.

“Looking at the comments on Miiverse regarding Hyrule Warriors, it’s been great to see a lot of positive feedback. But one of the things that leaves me with rather complicated feelings is that people are saying, “Oh wow, I really love the cutscenes in this game! This is better than the stuff Nintendo does!” Of course, that leaves me a little conflicted, and gives me a mission now to make sure that the new Zelda game that I’m working on can hold its own in that aspect against Hyrule Warriors!”

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Here’s A Look At The Glorious New Nintendo 3DS Packaging

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Wondered what the new Nintendo 3DS packaging looks like? Well you can see it in all its glory above. The console isn’t due for release until October 10th in Japan, but pre-orders should have started to appear. We won’t be getting the handheld until 2015 here in the west.

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