Japanese Gamers Share Their Thoughts On The New Nintendo 3DS

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The New Nintendo 3DS went on sale in Japan this weekend and it appears as though a lot of gamers decided to rush out and upgrade with most stores in Tokyo alone selling out of the product. So now the New Nintendo 3DS is out what do those who purchased it think to the new device? Here’s some thoughts.

Thoughts on the new C-stick

  • “The C-stick is actually pretty good!”
  • “It’s much better than I’d imagined.”
  • “I thought the C-stick would be useful, but it really is totally different to what I’d imagined. The rubber feels very hard on the tip of my thumb.”
  • “The C-stick is pretty much as I expected it would be. Those of you who have used a Thinkpad laptop’s red button can probably imagine how it feels.

The larger, improved screens

  • “The new anti-blur screen far exceeded my expectations.”
  • “The 3-D screen is superb! It’s so much easier to see.”
  • “I was…

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