The Wii U Sold 4,000 Units In Less Than 17 minutes On eBay During Black Friday

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Looks as though the Wii U turned out to be a success on eBay during Black Friday. The retailer has reported that Nintendo’s latest home console sold 4,000 units in less than 14 minutes on Black Friday. The retailer says the reduced bundle for $259.99 and the iPad Air were its top sellers for the sale period. However, sales don’t appear to have been so great elsewhere as the console only roughly captured about six percent of the console market on Black Friday.

The Wii, priced at $259.99, sold out 4,000 units in less than 17 minutes, with customers snapping up four of the devices per second. The $399 iPads sold at a rate of one per second, with 2,000 disappearing in a just over 30 minutes.

Thanks, Pikachu and Kallum

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